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Work zone ahead

Enjoying the restful part of the week. While holidays are always welcome, Tuesday holidays have a nasty habit of jamming my workflow into two days or less (because I need materials from others in order to complete the weekly bulletin, etc.). Since that lag isn't really avoidable, I've just been taking time off to enjoy the beginning of the week as much as possible while preparing to knuckle down once I can get to work.

Along these lines, I'm slowly realizing that I'm swimming against the tide in minimizing interruptions at the office. It's just not likely to change, not in my current job. Since I don't have my own office, I'm fair game, and there's no way for anyone to tell whether I have time to talk before I've already been interrupted. Prior experience in positions in which I always had my own office has spoiled me, and I stubbornly still want to be able to work that way. That's not reality, and I'll probably get a lot farther once I make some peace with that fact.

Considering finding ways to be sure to have an hour or two at the office each day when no one else is there (maybe early mornings?) so that I can work uninterrupted, creating margin to receive and even welcome interruptions later in the day. Making that work could be tricky, however, because my workflow is largely dependent on others. And honestly, I probably just need to be more up front about when I'm working on something—see if I can schedule the interruption into a meeting at a later time so that I can focus on it.

Bah. Day off and I'm hashing out work. Time to stop—there are cookouts and festivities that need attention.
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