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So why can they afford a house and I can't?

Just started watching an episode of My First Place from my TiVo and the couple on it were my students at Central College. Weird.


i hate your tivo icon.
Don't make me sic Tyra on you.
i'm skerred!
She is being trained by the Dark Lord Cruise.
i can't think of a witty comment to keep this going.

i'm sorry. it's late. and i'm not a machine.
You hate me and my TiVo icon. But I can live with that.
All of my friends show up in B movies and on MTV shows. Yours are on Survivor and My First Place.

Y'all know famous people. And I have one friend who is an aspiring actress, who has been in one B movie, and now has a one-day 'role' as tour-guide for the new Toyota plant.