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Margin and catching up

Another gorgeous Seattle day. Returned home Thursday to find my upstairs neighbor trimmed up my area of the courtyard, which was downright neighborly of him. So I've been spending some time enjoying it this morning, following a trip to Irwin's for coffee. For the sake of the budget, I need to cut back in a bunch of areas, including coffee out. That's not so much a sacrifice as simply a pattern that needs changing.

I think I'm a bit more worn down than I realized. Nothing of concern, but I can feel myself relaxing, which makes me realize that it's been a while since I felt this particular flavor of relaxation—the kind that involves actually getting some things done around the house and in my personal life. These past few weeks have been full of good stuff, and I've enjoyed it so much that the parts of life that haven't been getting my attention kind of snuck up on me. Margin is a good thing.
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