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Haven't written much lately; not much to write about (funny how that works). Today I'm alone in the office, which is so incredibly peaceful. There will be plenty of low-staff days next week, and Suzanne will be off for the week, so more time like this is coming soon.

Big event of the day was moving my TV so the apartment folks could inspect my radiator (they're doing that in the whole building today). Good news is I have it on a cart with rollers. Bad news is I had a snow globe on top that I forgot to remove. It took a tumble, shattering and soaking my cable box and VCR. Not good. VCR is ten years old and built like a tank; it seems fine. The cable box, not so much. It doesn't like to turn on anymore-- it just clicks randomly.

So I'm trading the box for a new one, either by going to the office in North Seattle or by having a tech come out between 4 and 6 tomorrow. Since today is light at the office, I'm leaning toward the trip. I like little adventures to places I haven't been, even ones as boring as the cable company.
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