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If it's not one computer, it's another—spent much of last night fighting with my Twentieth Anniversary Mac. It's been crashing with increased frequency, probably as much a function of being almost a decade old as any other single problem. A fresh system install didn't cure all ills, so I'm trying to back it up, but it has trouble staying online long enough to finish the job (with no USB, Firewire, or media burner, a network backup is the only reasonable option). In the absence of a computerized version of Viagra®, I'll just have to do what I can.

For whatever reason, lately I've found myself drawn back to bits of the past—searching for old friends, looking back on places I used to study, work, and live, and other nostalgic exercises. There's nothing wrong with nostalgia per se, but much of the time I think there's an undercurrent of trying to reclaim that past and work out my own redemption. That's bad theology and bad living, a deeper, subtler enemy of gratitude. No one goes back to the Garden, ever. Trying to do so is sin, and the potential cost is losing sight of the present and the future. "Further up and further in!"
Tags: mac, nostalgia, struggle, the gospel

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