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Counting my blessings

Gratitude is an excellent antidote to sin in my life. Living out of my own strength and losing myself in my own junk both lose their appeal when I'm grateful. barlow_girl and I talked a bit about gratitude last night over dinner (stemming from a book she just finished), and its importance has been sinking in more deeply ever since. I have so very much for which to be grateful; I don't think I'd ever stop being amazed if I simply kept my eyes open and my heart honest.

The blessing I most need from God is His Spirit opening my eyes and softening my heart to how richly He has already blessed me.
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You continue to make posts that say exactly what I need to hear, exactly when I need to hear it.

Thanks for that.
So affirming to read cause I am working through the same things.

Sounds like a nice chat. Which book did she read? Maybe it is something I need to pick up.
It was The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Sortof a roundabout way to get to gratitude, I'll just warn you. :o] My imagination is pretty vivid, so I was up very late one night b/c parts of this put me on edge.

I'm planning to post some quotes relevant to what banzai and I talked about, so i can link you then. :o]
Thank you very much. I think I know what you mean I see wierd things in books too:) It is nice to interact with you. We have mutual friends on LJ and I am already reading and hearing about you :)

I will look forward to reading the quotes and I think I will pick up the book for it has been reccommended to me several times now.
Well, some of the weird things were meant to be there. The book involves murder and pedophilia, to name two things.
Ah yes. I've read a couple of those lately.
gratitude's the best! i have a gratitude book.
Love this post!