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Never gonna...

For anyone feeling like this world is unpredictable and topsy-turvy, a message of assurance from Rick Astley:

He's never gonna...


and that's not all...

e. Make you cry
f. Say goobye
g. Tell a lie and hurt you

Thank you for that. :)
That rules. WHY don't I have this in my iPod. Ch.
would that i could meet a man as fine as rick astley.

i'm putting this on my desktop.

my bud rick

there was a time when I sooooo wanted to be Rick..even colored myh hair...how sad
yeah.. i admit it, i dug this song and i totally remember the music video.


remember when mtv was fun to watch?

make it stop!

Okay, you get the gas face for putting that song in my head. It's impossible to get rid of, you know.