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There, I said it (five in a series)

I understand that video recordings of childbirth are supposed to be documenting a natural and special event, but do they really make any more sense than having a photographer in there snapping shots the whole time with a 35 mm SLR, complete with flash and zoom? How about also making a video of the child's conception—after all, who would want to watch either one besides the parents?

(This message brought to you by the flyers strewn about Capitol Hill appealing for the return of a stolen video camera which contained childbirth recordings. To the poster: I'm sorry you got ripped off, but seriously, what are you thinking? And no, I'm not a bit surprised that you invoked "karma" in your all-caps tirade.)


You said it indeed. Invocations of karma always amuse me just a little bit.

Or make me roll my eyes.

Or frustrate me.

It might depend on the weather, really. But yes.
D.) All of the above.
My sister-in-law has a video of the birth of their first kid. Which - fine. I wish I hadn't seen it, but believed her when she said there was nothing gross on it. I guess suctioning out her kid with what looked like a huge plunger wasn't "gross" to her.

But what really threw me wasn't that it was filmed entirely from The Most Graphic Angle, but that it was filmed entirely by her dad.

Granted, I don't have a relationship with my dad, so maybe this is something that most daughters would be okay with. But me - I'd rather not have my dad pointing a wide angle at my pink parts.

My uncontrollable laughter makes the imagery easier to bear.
I cannot believe you said "pink parts" to a guy.
Um. Down there?
Ahh, I have a relationship with my dad, and.... NO WAY, JOSE! I don't even know if I want him in the hospital at the time of the birth!

Ever heard of the porn industry?

I can think of other people that might be interested in a video of the conception.

Re: Ever heard of the porn industry?

So that actually may make more sense than the delivery video.

Re: Ever heard of the porn industry?

I suppose.... I don't have a problem with people liking the video of birth thing though. Those TV shows with the births are wildly popular.... why not one starring your beloved family members.... ;)

Re: Ever heard of the porn industry?

No shortage of fans in either camp (just not me).

Re: Ever heard of the porn industry?

Notice the lack of vulvas on the shows we see on TLC.

Re: Ever heard of the porn industry?

But what about Discovery Health Channel?

Re: Ever heard of the porn industry?

I have no data on this.

Re: Ever heard of the porn industry?

Re: Ever heard of the porn industry?

I mean, I don't know if they show naked parts or not :D
I've never been able to understand why a woman would want a video camera in the room.

My private parts are *private.*
I affirm that decision.
Hello. May I steal that icon? :-)
i'm 100% with you on this. i work in a photo lab/camera shop (until recently i worked at kits on queene anne, now i'm in gig harbor), and we would get film in ALL THE TIME documenting in excruciating detail these random women's adventures in child birth. it was disgusting, and legally we have to look at every photo we process so it was like having a damn flip book of the event. it also made it really awkward when the women would come to pick up their film because i felt like i'd seen more of them than their husband had- which is not something i'm proud of. and honestly, who wants to look at that after the fact?? i sure as hell didn't want to see it, none of my coworkers wanted to see it, their child is not going to want to see it, and i don't see the actual event as some happy memory their going to share with friends and family later on. i completely understand the "just born child" photos, but the birth itself should be left in the delivery room.
They do take photos of the delivery? Oh wow. So nasty.
Yes. And then the pictures end up on the front page of the poor kid's life-as-a-kid photo album or scrapbook, thereby assuring that the kid has a poor emotional relationship with that scrapbook for the rest of her life.
I'm in agreement, mostly because I was talked into video taping the birth of two of my cousin's children by his crazy (now)ex-wife - with a mid-wife. The first birth involved a lot of techniques to avoid an episiotomy (sp?) and subsequent tearing and the second round involved a bowel evacuation. Crimeny. How did I get talked into that TWICE?

It's probably no accident I have no children of my own.
I wonder if she got the tapes in the settlement.
I wonder if she could find them in that mess.

Those birth shows

Those birth shows at least blur everything. I wouldn't want a picture of the birth...or a video with camera right on my privates. I know they let women have mirrors, and there is no way! I want to be out of body but not seeing my body when I'm having a baby. I'd consider dad having a camera by my head, but not anywhere near the painful action. I have thought of tape recording the event though, so I could hear our first words and the first cry...and hear what staff was saying. After the fact I try to remember things and forget. We've had some scary first moments with the last two, and my husband and I recall different things. It would be interesting to hear what staff was saying when they had to suction and intubate...and how close to a bad outcome we really were. (My last baby had an apgar of 1 at one minute...this means she only had a slow heartbeat of about 80...nothing else good). Anyway, I can understand wanting to record the event...but with some modesty.