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Sweet (Amy's) home Alabama

Returned Monday from a great trip to Alabama to meet barlow_girl's family. Feels like too much to even sum up, let alone detail, but I had a fantastic time. Amy's dad, mom (quiltlady), and brother (pigthatisbig) are so warm, hospitable, and fun—I felt at home right away. I think I may have met a good portion of the town during my stay, but there was also plenty of time spent just with the family. Some highlights:
  • Bringing coffee from Victrola and pizza from Northlake in hopes that a taste of Seattle will get them to come visit.
  • Good conversations, witty banter, fun entertainment (Brian Regan: I Walked on the Moon, Over the Hedge, Dirty Jobs, The Incredibles, etc.), and delicious food (smoked chicken, apple crisp, pecan pie, cheese biscuits, and so much more!) the entire visit.
  • Playing Cranium Turbo Edition with hilarious family friends.
  • Worshipping with One Accord Family Church on Sunday morning, with an old-fashioned potluck lunch afterward.
  • Sunday dinner with Amy's grandparents.
  • Swinging by Auburn on the way back to see Amy's alma mater (something I love to do as an old college geek).
  • Spending lots of time with Amy.
Yeah, that's not nearly enough to cover it, but I'll never get back to journalling otherwise.
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