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Running start

Sporting a fresh haircut and in the midst of running errands, morning coffee at Victrola always brings a smile to my face. After a hug I caught up with Jen (one of the owners) for a bit. I'd love to do something nice for her and Chris in appreciation for their generous ongoing donation of Sunday coffee for our church (Maybe a gift certificate for Canlis? I should talk with Mark...). Besides, the two of them need some encouragement to get out and have some fun this summer.

In the getting-out-and-having-fun-this-summer department, I'm trying to be über-productive today and tomorrow in preparation for heading to Alabama Wednesday evening. barlow_girl and I are off to Dothan to spend a few days with her folks and pigthatisbig (I met ultimateswing last year, so now it's time to meet the rest of the family). I think it'll be a great time and am very much looking forward to it.

Google Calendar and the Google Calendar Agenda Mark II module for the Google Homepage have a lot of promise, but sometimes they confuse the bejeezus out of me. That's what I get for working with betas.


I had somehow never heard of Canlis. It sounds excellent.

(A bit out of my affordability range, unfortunately. Maybe the next time I graduate again . . . *grin*)
It's a bit out of my range, too (I've never been). One of the owners is part of our church, so I'm going to see if he's up for making a deal in recognition of all that Victrola has done for us.
Shame that my flight leaves at just the wrong time to see you guys. If you have a connection in Houston, I might still get to see you. :)
Sorry we'll be missing you, but I'm very excited for your travels!
I hope you have a great time! And that you get a nap after that red-eye flight to the South. :)

That's part of the joy of having a girlfriend who likes to drive (but seriously, I hope I don't fall asleep on her...)!
have fun and when you guys get back, I want to have you over for dinner at my place - cool?
That would be excellent! At the rate you're going, you will probably have built another floor onto the place by then.
Have a nice trip! Pack shorts. :P
I'm afraid I am in short supply!

(I kill me!)
Ha ha!
My brother lives in Enterprise...just a hop, skip and a jump from Dothan. :D
Small world indeed!

(In reference to you know what.)
Should be fun—we're still looking forward to you and Heather visiting!
That will be great. And did BG tell you I have a coffee shop that I ♥? I can't wait to take you guys there.

Would it be silly to say that it makes me happy to hear mentions of daily activities of you and barlow_girl? You guys rock.
Hooray for a haircut! Hope you have a safe trip to AL. Too bad you can't swing by TX on the way home...

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