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No bullshit

There, I said it (four in a series)

I'm in one of those moods, so let's just play one of my favorite Seattle games. It's time for...Hipster Bingo!

Hipster Bingo!


hahaha, excellent!

I do admit, however, that I'm rather a fan of both PBR and High Life.

Then again, the worst beer I ever had was wonderful, so that might not be sayin' much...
Agreed. PBR is crazy delicious.
When you get bingo, you can come to Seattle and I'll buy you a pint.

(Hell, I'd buy you a pint anytime.)
please tell me you made this yourself.
Oh, I wish I could take credit. Actually, I could. But I'd be lying.

Hey...I've got Puma's. And a cabbie hat!
You, a hipster? Shocked!
All I've got is "blogger with digital camera".

Oh wait... chunky plastic-frame glasses and too small sweater apply too.

Do I get Tattoo of a star if I want a tattoo with stars in it?
Oh, you so get credit for that (if it can be considered "credit").


your post made me snot

this my friend, is about 50% of why I returned to livejournal..then 25% to encourage a hook up between Diphead and the Cutest gal in Nashville and then the other 25% to keep tabs on Melanie.

Re: your post made me snot

Encouraging hookups, eh? How randy!


I think this would be really fun to play on campus at Auburn. You could have like a $5/board pool and play just watching all the clueless hippy-wannabees walk by. The game would be over in like 5 minutes though. I think the 70's vest and the alcohol would be the only squares you couldn't get within 30 minutes.
Nice to know some things are the same across the country. When are you coming back to Seattle (that is, assuming this is ultimateswing)?
*loses it*

When, when, when will you move back HERE? I'd like a Banzai of my very own.
We're making good progress in the cloning...
Funny. :)
So, for the most part, being in Seattle is like being on the set of That '70s Show?
Sometimes uncomfortably so.
Your user icon is truly the best I have EVER seen.

oh, i love hipster bingo. i've been meaning to play a round. maybe at church some day?
Church would be the speed round!
I am so printing this out!
I am headed to a week of 800 high schoolers at a Christian retreat.

I will win in something around 2 minutes!
I so think I will play this with the sponsors....although the cigs and booze will be a problem to find....