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How to miss the point by being right

My pastor linked me to one of his seminary classmates' blog entry for today:

"New Ministry Idea: Campus Crusade for the Doctrines Justification and Predestination(CCDJP)—The Anti-Missional Ministry"

Made me laugh, as well as providing an incisive critique of approaches to ministry in general.

P.S. Also enjoyed this nugget/disclaimer in the sidebar of his blog:
First, look folks this is a blog, ok. A blog. So, calm down and treat it like that. If a person's blog gets you all worked up you've sadly bought the lie and your wasting your energy fighting the WRONG battle. Fighting in the blog world is stupid when the ENEMY is seeking to destroy the world. Christians pathetically prefer fighting each other rather than joining Jesus to bring healing and renewal wherever the curse is found.
Tags: culture, internet, the church, the gospel

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