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Busy to the limit

Lately I've been busy "to the limit," as Strong Bad might say. Some of the internal stuff is more murky and trickier to sort through, but I can at least write some highlights of what I've been up to:

  • Had my diaconate interview/examination with the Session Wednesday evening, and I'll be going forward as a candidate for deacon this summer. I'm honored and excited to possibly be a part of what God is doing in this way.

  • Thursday was Community Group, which was largely business-as-usual (a good thing).

  • Friday my iBook hard drive began to rebel again, and I am still (unsuccessfully) trying to resurrect it with Disk Warrior. Humbling to realize how much I rely on it and the access it affords me.

  • In the absence of said iBook, I finished reading Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich (an excellent recommendation and loan from barlow_girl). Lots of thought-provoking, sometimes convicting stuff (by no means free of bias or flaws), well-related to diaconal ministry. I may write more about it if the time and inclination present themselves.

  • barlow_girl and I went to dinner with journeyto at Blu Water Bistro Friday evening. The two of them hit it off famously, and while I ate too much, I'm hoping I laughed enough to work a bit of it off. Sam was also a perfect gentleman, and I hope the four of us get together again soon.

  • barlow_girl also hosted a fantastic open house on Saturday evening. Over a dozen people came by, enjoyed an awesome spread of refreshments, and met new people in addition to welcoming Amy to her still-pretty-new (and extremely charming) home. Everything seemed just right, and I was sorry to head home a little early because of work Sunday morning.

  • Regular work and worship Sunday, sweetened by the fact that I was training Nathan as the new Facilities Coordinator, thereby halving my Sunday responsibilities and making me able to leave church whenever I like for the first time in nearly five years. Post-evening service, barlow_girl and I grabbed a pint and a bite to eat at Murphy's with Anne and two Nicks.

  • Yesterday we went with velouria73 and other friends to see X-Men: The Last Stand at Cinerama. Fun flick, great effects, some spotty pacing (they were trying to keep a great many plates spinning at once), and a few points that bothered me much more as a comic book geek than they would have otherwise. Afterward we had amazing burgers at Two Bells Tavern—that place is marked for a return visit.

  • Yesterday was Memorial Day, too, and I think that will always throw me off a bit.

  • Went to a lunchtime church leaders' forum on "Attention Spans in Christian Ministry" by Dr. John Medina at Seattle Pacific University today. Fascinating stuff, and I was surprised by how much of his talk I was already familiar with. Came away with interesting new information as well. Besides which, it was a gorgeous day to get out of the office a bit.

  • Bad news: I lost my annual, almost $600 bus pass today. Good news: it was only good through tomorrow.

And now, laundry and home stuff. At least now I can see why I'm tired!
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