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Busy to the limit

Lately I've been busy "to the limit," as Strong Bad might say. Some of the internal stuff is more murky and trickier to sort through, but I can at least write some highlights of what I've been up to:

  • Had my diaconate interview/examination with the Session Wednesday evening, and I'll be going forward as a candidate for deacon this summer. I'm honored and excited to possibly be a part of what God is doing in this way.

  • Thursday was Community Group, which was largely business-as-usual (a good thing).

  • Friday my iBook hard drive began to rebel again, and I am still (unsuccessfully) trying to resurrect it with Disk Warrior. Humbling to realize how much I rely on it and the access it affords me.

  • In the absence of said iBook, I finished reading Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich (an excellent recommendation and loan from barlow_girl). Lots of thought-provoking, sometimes convicting stuff (by no means free of bias or flaws), well-related to diaconal ministry. I may write more about it if the time and inclination present themselves.

  • barlow_girl and I went to dinner with journeyto at Blu Water Bistro Friday evening. The two of them hit it off famously, and while I ate too much, I'm hoping I laughed enough to work a bit of it off. Sam was also a perfect gentleman, and I hope the four of us get together again soon.

  • barlow_girl also hosted a fantastic open house on Saturday evening. Over a dozen people came by, enjoyed an awesome spread of refreshments, and met new people in addition to welcoming Amy to her still-pretty-new (and extremely charming) home. Everything seemed just right, and I was sorry to head home a little early because of work Sunday morning.

  • Regular work and worship Sunday, sweetened by the fact that I was training Nathan as the new Facilities Coordinator, thereby halving my Sunday responsibilities and making me able to leave church whenever I like for the first time in nearly five years. Post-evening service, barlow_girl and I grabbed a pint and a bite to eat at Murphy's with Anne and two Nicks.

  • Yesterday we went with velouria73 and other friends to see X-Men: The Last Stand at Cinerama. Fun flick, great effects, some spotty pacing (they were trying to keep a great many plates spinning at once), and a few points that bothered me much more as a comic book geek than they would have otherwise. Afterward we had amazing burgers at Two Bells Tavern—that place is marked for a return visit.

  • Yesterday was Memorial Day, too, and I think that will always throw me off a bit.

  • Went to a lunchtime church leaders' forum on "Attention Spans in Christian Ministry" by Dr. John Medina at Seattle Pacific University today. Fascinating stuff, and I was surprised by how much of his talk I was already familiar with. Came away with interesting new information as well. Besides which, it was a gorgeous day to get out of the office a bit.

  • Bad news: I lost my annual, almost $600 bus pass today. Good news: it was only good through tomorrow.

And now, laundry and home stuff. At least now I can see why I'm tired!


Oh good, I was hoping for an update. Congratulations.
Thanks. Congregational consideration and election are our next steps, over the next couple of months.
What is your specific hard drive issue with the iBook?

I lost my annual, almost $600 bus pass today. Good news: it was only good through tomorrow.I lost my annual, almost $600 bus pass today. Good news: it was only good through tomorrow.

Much better than losing it the day after you got it for sure. That was my worst fear in my train & bus commute days that I would lose my pass so I never paid for it longer than a month so that if I did lose it I wouldn't lose like a year's transport costs. I have such faith in my ability to lose things :o]
The hard drive has begun to be noisy (humming) and doesn't function properly (sometimes won't boot, sometimes boots but hangs). Disk Utility turns up a catalog problem that it can't fix, so I went with Disk Warrior because it looks like a directory issue. The disk passes Disk Warrior's S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics, but the directory rebuilding process hangs while trying to load directory information.

In Googling the problem, the most interesting clue I turned up was someone who said out-of-spec RAM can hose directories. I got new, cheap RAM for a self-birthday present, and that's when I started having problems, too (it's done this once before, but not as severely). So I'm hoping for a software rather than a hardware solution, if Disk Warrior will cooperate. For some reason, the disk behaves better the longer it's shut down, so I'll give DW another shot after leaving it off awhile.
Do you get odd disk behaviour during use as well (hanging for a long time during navigating/saving/opening files etc.) or is it just the noise?

That sounds similar to a problem I had with my HD. DW did the same thing - couldn't finish the job. Turns out the error that Disc Utility was giving me "error: underlying task failed blahdeblahblah" is a cyclic irregularity with the hard disk itself (i.e. hardware) and can't be repaired. Also it was something that started off intermittent but got progressively worse until it became unusable.

But if none of that applies and your issue is intermittent it could be the RAM. I would remove the new RAM if possible and see if it makes a difference. Where did you get your RAM? I know places like http://www.crucial.com/ offer guarantees on their chips so you could return them.
It's also worthwhile checking the support forums at apple.com and http://www.macfixit.com/ and http://forums.macosxhints.com/ to see if anyone else has had a similar problem. I find 9/10 times someone else has had a similar problem and you can get some solutions.
All those links remind me of my journal entries in the early days. You were sure to point out the rare occurances where I'd missed the chance to link something or another.

So life goes on for you! It sounds full, but also delightful despite the fact that you tagged this entry with "struggle." It's a good life. :-)
I remember giving you an especially hard time when the same thing was linked multiple times in the same entry (e.g., "The Holy Land Experience"). Ah, the memories...