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When I crossed paths again with Dan Savage on the way to the office, I knew there would be trouble.

A scant block later, I learned what the trouble was upon reaching into my pockets and failing to produce keys—a discovery which, most likely, meant they were still hanging from the lock of my door at home. Which meant taking the #2 bus downtown, then catching the 26 home. The latter bus had, of course, left five minutes prior to my arrival, so I substituted the 16 and walked the difference (a decision which proved to be futile as I watched the 26 pull up to my doorstep at least thirty seconds before I reached it myself). And there they hung, in all their dangling, neglected glory, waiting for me to travel across the city to retrieve them. After that, it was another 26 downtown, then another 2 to the office. And there went my morning, up in a puff of unproductive smoke.

Of course, I blame Dan Savage. Go away, Dan Savage. Go away.


Maybe this is the work of the H.S.
If you mean high school, I'm completely confused.

If you mean Holy Spirit, using my absent-mindedness and Dan Savage would be somewhere in the realm of making Balaam's ass speak.
Latter, and ja ja ja!!!

Wow. That guy sounds...interesting. :P

I'm glad you got your keys back without anything worse happening!