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Selective memory

"If you are not firm in faith,
   you will not be firm at all."

—Isaiah 7:9b

Feeling exponentially better than yesterday. God's been good to me, and I feel foolish for ever losing sight of that. Thankfully, He reminds me, giving me the rest and perspective He knows I need (if you prayed for me, thank you!). I'm also starting to gain a (perhaps renewed) sense of the other things I need, and in contrast, what I don't. So much is so very simple—I'm just easily distracted and stubborn enough to keep going when I'm only getting more tired and lost.

But I'm not lost. Not at all.


Rest and perspective are amazingly effective at making things seem better. Glad you are doing well.
Me too! Thank you.
"If you are not firm in faith,
you will not be firm at all."

So what God is saying is that a lack of faith is responsible for my thighs?
He might be too polite to come out and say it.
It's amazing to me how alike you and I are.
I agree. If I didn't like and respect you (and the work I see God doing in and through you) so much, I might be frightened.
Take a look at my LJ again.
Perhaps it would be less frightening if I started skimming your LJ instead.
Well, no, I mean the stuff I posted today. Something is visible to you now that wasn't before.
Oh! I thought you were being deadpan sarcastic. I see it now...

Walking back to Him can
be so hard, and so easy.

God is good, though.
All the time.
OK! I'm back! Let's get dinner on the calendar for the three of us! I'm thinking Blue Water Bistro. :D
Oh, that place is dee-lish—Amy and I went there before a show at Taproot a few months back. I think we're free this Friday night if you are...

(I'm excited!)
Sounds fab to me. :D
Done. Blu Watah...7:00pm? I'm bringing my imaginary boyfriend Sam. He's an architect with a wheat allergy, so we won't be ordering anything high carb.


hahaha. you're hilarious. i already love you. :D

7 on Friday it is. Sam's buying.
Man, love has made you even funnier.
yessssss. let's do dinner soon - like this weekend - if that works for you.

and guess what? i found a folder on our network drive at work with your name on it - same as your hotmail address. cressy. ;)
oh my gosh! all of my training files! I need those! hahahahaha.
mmhhm. fresh information, circa 2001. ;o]

(i didn't get the email on this one for some reason)
I love that I make Lee's beautiful journal entries all about me. And now it's about me and WORK which I know he loves!

Hi noodle!
This one's totally my fault. So maybe he'll be OK with it. ;o]

thing is, we all forget. which is why we have the Bible. and each other. and the Spirit. :D

very often, i think, simple doesn't equal easy.
That's a great verse. I honestly don't think I've ever seen that one before. Do you live IN Seattle? If so, have you ever been to Mars Hill church? When my brother in law was living out there that's where he went to church and the place is amazing.
I live right in the city, and am on staff with another church, Grace Seattle. I'm familiar with Mars Hill Church, though, and we have a number of things in common.
I think he's mentioned that one too. I wish we had Sunday night services around here. I don't know why they're nonexistent in our area. It'd be so much easier to go on a Sunday night.