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Is it too early to take a nap?

Last night barlow_girl and I enjoyed dinner at the Stumbling Goat Bistro, then attended opening night of Taproot Theatre's production of The Foreigner. The show was hilarious and delightful, and it's also a timely piece in light of fresh national attention to immigration issues.

On Amy's recommendation, I've started Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickled and Dimed, a first-hand account of the author's deliberate (and therefore limited) journey into the lifestyle of the working poor. Though preconceptions and biases abound—as they tend to in any discussion of poverty and/or economics—it's an engaging work thus far. It also offers a helpful perspective to the work of our diaconal ministry, as the needs within our congregation are often in the nearly-invisible context of this kind of poverty.

Some unexpected margin today after plans fell through. Seattle has been gray for the past couple of days, a nice respite from the sunny version of gorgeous to which we've been treated recently.
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