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Getting it done

Rough dreams last night—another case of my subconscious trotting out a litany of regrets, fears, and insecurities and making a soup for me to stew in as I sleep. At least it makes me plenty glad to be awake.

Yesterday was one of those really productive workdays that I wish more days could be like. Hopefully I can go into today with a full head of steam and not get hung on external stalls to my workflow.

John and I had a good meeting yesterday. I think he wants me to work a little less than I want to on Sundays—he'd like it not to be a work day for me at all; I'm content with offloading the facility responsibilities and continuing to coordinate volunteers. Bottom line: I'd rather take one step at a time and see how it goes than expect the moon and be disappointed. Baby steps.

The other perennial project he'd like me to take on is a refresh/revamp of our website. The content's not terrible, but the site is quite stale. Tricky part is, while we have plenty of web people and design people in our congregation, so far we haven't been able to get a commitment to the project from anyone. The other issue is that, for whatever reason, websites seem to be great repositories for everyone's wishes and dreams, with little regard for the skill and work to make it happen or whether any of the ideas has much real-world benefit. It's a bit like car shopping with an open group of people who are dazzled by options and colors, have little or no understanding of mechanics or driving, and don't have any idea how to pay for any of it.

That said, it still needs to be done and I'm in the best position to manage it. I just wish I had the personnel and tools necessary to actually get it done.
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