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Great things about this week so far:
  • Making contact with two friends I haven't seen in a decade or more, one of whom now lives only a mile or two away.
  • Moving forward with a plan to have someone else take over the set-up and lock-up duties on Sundays at the church.
  • Joining jasonmonster and the other staff from his church over lunch at Coastal Kitchen Wednesday.
  • Getting to have pizza and watch The Amazing Race with barlow_girl on Wednesday night.
  • Attending a successful CG cookout Thursday (though I was kind of quiet and out-of-sorts).
  • Receiving my new iPod.
Not too shabby.


this is a lot to be grateful for. i'm glad for all of it, even the parts i'm not in. :D
I'm pretty grateful for the parts you were in, too.
You are the new ipod icon king! I'm totally enjoying seeing all your icons. :)

On another note - glad you had a good week. Pods rock. barlow_girl introduced me to them (and the way to get them free!) and I'm still in awe.
They're pretty great! And it was fun looking for more icons-- I have room for nearly 100 more.

You meatwad iPod icon is wonderful!
We are the MooniniPods from the inner core of the moon.
That one is definitely my fav.