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Came home from yesterday's CG cookout to find that my iPod had arrived. Amazing device—spent a minute or two looking for the power adapter before realizing that it's charged via USB. It also gobbled up approximately 2,000 songs from iTunes while connected, with plenty of room to spare. Disappointed to find that the screen surface was a bit messy (one of the costs of going with a refurb), so I picked up an iCleaner Pro Kit this morning and it's looking much better. Now I'm playing with video encoding to see what it's capable of (Ghostbusters will be the inaugural flick). There's not an elegant way to go from TiVo to iPod on the Mac (yet), but my TiVo's DVD burner will give me a simple enough workaround in the meantime.

Man, I am a geek. And very glad it's the weekend.
Tags: ipod, mac, tivo
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