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Came home from yesterday's CG cookout to find that my iPod had arrived. Amazing device—spent a minute or two looking for the power adapter before realizing that it's charged via USB. It also gobbled up approximately 2,000 songs from iTunes while connected, with plenty of room to spare. Disappointed to find that the screen surface was a bit messy (one of the costs of going with a refurb), so I picked up an iCleaner Pro Kit this morning and it's looking much better. Now I'm playing with video encoding to see what it's capable of (Ghostbusters will be the inaugural flick). There's not an elegant way to go from TiVo to iPod on the Mac (yet), but my TiVo's DVD burner will give me a simple enough workaround in the meantime.

Man, I am a geek. And very glad it's the weekend.
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iPods are beautiful little toys. I bought my sister the 4GB Nano (black, of course) for her birthday a few weeks ago, which gave me a chance to play with it a little myself (buttering my own parsnips, as they say). There's a good reason those things dominate the portable MP3 player market.

What do you think of the experience of watching video on the device? Seems like it'd be easy to get tired of focusing on a tiny little screen, but I was pretty impressed when I gave it a shot at the local Mac Store.
Haven't done much field testing with the video yet, but my impressions are similar—first thought it would be useless, but after seeing it, I can see the possibility of using it short term. The bus will be my main place to use it, so the usage intervals will be brief.
Unfortunately, it takes no time at all for the screen to get all scratched up. You just touch it and it's scratched. :-/ But iPod's are definitely fun! I have had mine since Christmas, and I'm sure there are still many things I have yet to learn about it.
This arrived the day before the iPod, and it seems pretty effective in protecting against scratches. That iCleaner stuff worked almost like magic, though! I'm sure it will take me a long time to figure out all the features...
Geeks rule.
No doubt.

TiVo to iPod on a Mac

This works if the TiVo is on your home network.
1. Connect to the TiVo using Safari (internet browser).
The format for the URL is... https://Your TiVo's IP Address/nowplaying/index.html
The username is tivo and the password is the TiVo's media access key.
2. Download the files you want to copy to your iPod to your Mac.
3. Use ffmpegex to convert the .tivo file to H.264