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'Bout time

Damn right.



Watched. Outstanding. I still wonder about Seattle pitching over the series. You would have beaten the Yankees by 19 games or so, but they are defending champs. Think of how the Brooklyn Dodgers lost to them over and over and over in the 1940's & 50's. I hate the Yankees.

Re: Yes!

Did I mention that I hate the Yankees?

Re: Yes!

I'm downing my sorrows in a glass of milk accompanied by two s'mores Pop Tarts.

Did you know that Elvis' do is inspired by Freddy Freeman, the alter ego of Captain Marvel, Jr.? He told the barber, "Give me a Freddy Freeman." True.

Re: Yes!

That is so cool I think we should keep it to ourselves. Anything Elvis interests me. I'm the only guy who thinks he is underrated. And I love the old comics. Elvis was really a square at heart. Always a boy.