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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

Errands this morning, which I'm using as occasion to have coffee at Victrola. From reading here, one would think my life centered on that delicious bean, but that appearance is more a function of the fact that I find it easier to journal from coffee shops much of the time.

That said, coffee is indeed wonderful.

I'm getting an iPod (shipped this morning) because I want to shut out some of the crazy—especially on the bus, but it's everywhere. I just don't want to have to hear it all the time anymore. That feels a bit like giving up, admitting that I'm going to do what everyone else does and willfully shut myself off from the world, but I'm simply tired of listening to all the babble and noise.
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I just didn't get coffe until recently, and I'm in complete agreement-- coffe is indeed wonderful.

I grind the beans and just sit there and smell it. I actually crave the smell of the beans. I love it.

And as for the iPod-- YOU GO, BOY! Which one?
The smell is divine.

30 GB w/ video, in black.
= hot.
Hooray for coffee and for ipods!

I keep forgetting to ask you - is there a spot for it in your new laptop bag, or are you getting a skin for it? they scratch so easily, as Chip can attest.
I attest.
I bought this at the same time-- we'll see which arrives first!
I should have known - wicked smaht! :o]

My Ipod money was transformed into a tattoo.

(i still wish I had some extra cash for the Ipod!)
Now, if you could turn your tattoo into an iPod, that would be impressive!