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Preemptive coffee break

Mmmm, coffee...

Feeling ready for the week ahead; nice not to have anything pressing too hard just yet. Hoping to make some headway in the oft-neglected maintenance of my personal life, too. All the little things could use some attention: cleaning, groceries, emails, phone calls, etc. Keeping up with all of it could employ another person.

But for now, there's coffee, and that's enough.
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But for now, there's coffee, and that's enough.
i like this line. how true it often is. :-)
But hey, we get to drink coffee!
Oops, sorry, I replied to the wrong comment. :-)
Cleaning, groceries, emails, phone calls.....

Sometimes being a grownup sucks. :o/
But hey, we get to drink coffee!
True! And coffee is gooooooood!

Oh good Lord, that reminds me. I forgot to buy more beans today . I might be going through withdrawal!
If you ever want a taste of my favorite Seattle joint, order from Victrola coffee. I'm having some now and it is bliss!
From the John Piper book I've been working through, When I Don't Desire God: How to Fight for Joy (it's all covered in sand from the beach):

The battle against weariness, which makes us drowsy as soon as we open our Bible in the morning, has to be fought in the evening, not just in the morning. When you have decided when the alarm will call you to prayer, then decide when you must go to bed so that you are not exhausted when the alarm goes off. If you need caffeine to keep you awake in the morning, I will leave that with your conscience. Maybe that's why God created it. Staying awake to pray is certainly a better use of caffeine that staying awake for almost anything else.

Aside from the blaring alarms of CONVICTION, CONVICTION, CONVICTION going off in my head, I'm also chuckling at the coffee/conscience thing. Perhaps he's right....