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There, I said it (two in a series)

If you have to finish the last drags off of your chemical-filled cigarette before going inside the organic market to do your shopping, you're a pretentious dumbass and the very epitome of "unclear on the concept."

(This message brought to you by...well, that's kind of obvious, isn't it?)


Nothing else to do but simply state the fact that YOu...ROck.
That's just how I roll, dawg.
Great point!
Peace, man....
maybe they were going into the market to buy those newfangled organic cigarettes.
Well, I hate to think that I've succumbed to the MySpace-type options now offered in LJ, but I couldn't help noticing you graduated from Eddyville. Small world, I guess. I'm 8 years your junior, but you probably remember my sister who graduated in 1992. Her name was Melissa.
My Space-like connections are allowed, as long as we don't succumb to really crappy user interface, too.

My folks still live in Eddyville. It's one of those places small enough where we could guess identities and actually figure things out before too long. I remember getting Hershey's chocolate milk from the very back of the refrigerator case at Casey's. Good times.

I'd love to add you as a friend; it looks like we've both been doing the LJ thing for some time. Besides, we have mutual interests in beer and movies, and really, isn't the rest just details?
Good point.
As I was walking into Whole Foods a few weeks ago, I noticed that an employee leaving looked familiar, and then I realized it was a man named Kevin who I've known here and there since I was a teen. When we worked at McDonald's together, he used to laugh manically at the burgers while he cooked them when he was high (always). He and I had a few conversations about how damaging drugs are, and he would genuinely listen but I guess he couldn't kick them. In a few more years, his brain was pretty much fried.

A few years ago I ran into him again, and he said he was clean and trying to recover. He'd never think real sharp again, but he was better.

When I saw him I thought it off we seemed from the crunchy culture of Whole Foods. But he was still clean, so I was happy for him.

Anyway, you sparked a tangent :)
I'm guessing he's off the burgers, too. ;)