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There, I said it (one in a series)

I believe there are perhaps a dozen or fewer people in the world who can get away with ending a conversation by saying "Peace" without looking like an idiot. Chances are, you aren't one of them.

(This message brought to you by the Sasquatch-looking white guy with long dreads who hangs out around my office.)


I tend to sign my emails that way at times... but I don't think I verbalize that word as an end to conversations.....
I'll admit, it makes me laugh in any context, but I find it especially (and exponentially more) ridiculous when I hear someone say it.
Hey, I could do that. If I wanted everyone in the room to fall on the floor laughing. They would all think I was a complete lamebrain or a brilliant satirist.
Perhaps my RastaBuddy is just being a brilliant satirist with his entire life.

(P.S. I love that you are able to comment in my LJ again!)
Maybe he's so brilliant, satirically, that he isn't even aware of it.

Thanks, it's good to be here.
Any thoughts regarding "Namaste"?
About as credible as "May the Force be with you."
OMG - hahahahaha!
I can do it. I got the whole ethnic thing going on.
You're so street.
Hellz yeah booooy
So it would wig you out that I say "Shalom!" about 20 times an hour when I'm at work. Right?
Chances are, you aren't one of them.

The "wigging out" probably goes both ways, though: I recently learned that a couple of people from my church, including one of our elders, were apparently present at the opening of The Holy Land Experience years ago. To hear them tell it, that day the place was filled with lots of people dressed in their "Sunday best," while my friends attended in their regular shorts and t-shirts (showing tattoos, piercings, etc.). This evidently got them tagged as "non-Christians," because staff followed them around all day trying to "witness to" them. Classic.
Lovely. Just ... lovely. [rolls eyes] I'd kind of feel like a shoplifter if that had happened to me. I am glad that our visitors are more diverse now and that it's the "Sunday best" type who are in the minority. :-)

Finally, the dress code got dropped from our print media! Not that it was restrictive in application, but on paper it was intimidating to many people. Can't count how many people I've tried to console over the phone telling them that their jean shorts are going to be just fine and that we won't haul them off to Christian-jail for wearing a tank top!
I just went back and read all the tisi tags. And the GADS tags.

My kids keep asking me what's so funny, but I can't stop laughing to explain it to them.
I'm actually friends with SasquatchDreads now!
It's the circle of life.