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A more engaged life

Seattle has been gorgeous for the past few days—it would take work not to enjoy it. Saturday barlow_girl and I spent the day out, visiting the Ballard locks, dining at The Hi-Life, and enjoying dessert at Cupcake Royale. Doesn't get much better than that. I'm so blessed.

Been feeling spurred on to crank things up a notch in work and life. That's an odd combination with feeling tired much of the time; it's going to take a strength beyond my own. But if the call to a more engaged life isn't also coming from outside myself, there isn't much point. The strength for the call will have to come from the One who calls (or not at all). Isn't that the way we're supposed to live?

What do I mean by "a more engaged life"? I'm not entirely sure. Maybe it's best described in contrast to how I've been feeling for a while. I've been very busy, but fading in and out, often not really feeling present with others or in my life and work. My mind and heart have been poor at remembering—I regularly forget everything from details of conversations to deeper truths of who I am in Christ. Mostly, I'm just not "tracking" a lot of the time. I experience life as a series of disconnected diversions.

As I said, whatever I hope to see happen is not likely to be accomplished simply by force of will. That's good, because that kind of "change" is limited. And yet, my will needs to be aligned with whatever God wants to do in my life, and I need to be listening for what He has to say about that. Thankfully, God's will for the Christian is not so mysterious as it is often made out to be. He's revealed so much that it just doesn't make sense to ignore all that in a search for esoteric knowledge. Our faith is based on resurrection life—His and ours in Him. That's a life of flesh and bone, an earthy, grounded spirituality with no upward or outward limit.

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This idea of an "engaged life"... I'm all over it. It's one of the reasons why I tried to get our small group to take time to focus on something OTHER than bible study. It sounded so... ungodly... to several of them. But to me? It was like saying, "read and study, but at SOME point, put it into action!" I can study the bible in and out until the day Christ returns, but if all I do is keep it at that, then I've missed the point of having the book to begin with. The reason the bible teaches us how to deal with conflict is because we're supposed to be out there WITH people... engaging in their lives... working on relationships... and when you do that, conflict is inevitable. Totally manageable, but inevitable.

I'm finding that it's not just relationships in which I need to engage. But the world in general. Just making myself aware of what's out there... what's going on... who needs God... and so on. And also? There's a LOT to be said for simply ENJOYING God's creation. I don't mean camping... just... living outside of my home from time to time.

I don't know... this may have NOTHING to do with what you mean. But for me, it struck a chord. :)
This is very related to what God is doing in my life. I'm glad it struck a chord!
Further up and further in...

Yes :)
Great icon!
I knew you'd link to all the good stuff. Thanks. :D And this is all so good. The last part reminds me of Michael's sermon on Sunday - what power are we living in, etc.

& hearts ;
You'd almost think there was a plan or something...
Seattle has some cool stuff to explore! Especially the cupcake place. I'm glad y'all are getting to enjoy the time together.

I can understand what you mean about actually engaging in life. Being busy is not a substitute for really participating in life. I'm not saying this well, but I just wanted to say I agree.
Seattle is worth a visit!
I'd like the Orange You Glad. Today, please.

So this is strike three - the third time I've read/heard someone say something along the same lines of what God's been speaking to my heart. Too long to explain, but I will just say Thanks for writing this out. :)
Come back to Seattle!

It's interesting to see how God gets our attention—sometimes it's as if everything is pointing the same direction. And that's probably accurate.
cupcake royale has the most delicious chocolate mint cupcake. plus, they have all those cute garnishes. what's up with the inverted-in-the-middle frosting, though? pile it on, i say!

i hear ya about living a more engaged life (and fading in and out). i think that's a good way to describe it. i have also been thinking lately that i need to be more involved in what's going on rather then just passively watching the world go by. you know, live life to the fullest and all that business.
that's the kind i had! Soooo yummy. But I agree, they could've done with about 2x more. :D
It's good business.

CG field trip to Cupcake Royale! The Madison Park one isn't too far...
This cupcake royal place sounds wonderful. I really really love cupcakes. *sigh*
They are soooo good!
I think for me it's been consciously looking for God in the busyness. Sometimes I get so caught up in all the stuff I have to do (and some that I choose to do) that I forget to look for God.

I am very grateful, however, for that moment of silence every morning before the pledge at the elementary school where I work. It helps me focus the day on God.