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Standards and practices

I'm really hard on people, but I'm outgrowing it. A little. Sometimes.

Maybe it's just a matter of having a little more heart. My standards aren't changing; I still believe what I believe. But the kinds of inconsistencies that drive me up a wall in the abstract are usually just foibles I tend to accept in people I know and love (and those they accept in me). I still hope we will all be delivered from our self-centeredness, and I have good reason for that hope. In the meantime, I can at least ease up a bit and stop being such a mean bastard. It makes me miss a lot.


I love you even though you don't have a gall bladder.

Oh, I dunno. You're not hard on me. I think your high standards are hardest on you, really.
We TOTALLY talked about this very thing today. We are in Romans @ the end of 12 and we decided that we all can, with God's help, be nicer than we in and of ourselves can be. We should leave the bein' hard on people to God.

Though this passage is referring to actions against your enemies, it is still applicable to friends.

Romans 12:18b-19a
"...be at peace with all men. (19)Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God..."