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Busyness and boundaries

There are at least a few dozen things I'd like to get wrapped up at work today, so I'm hoping interruptions will be few and far between. In the dream world that probably can't exist outside my head, I'd love to one day (soon) be on top of everything enough to regularly welcome those interruptions. In the meantime, I have to prioritize, which will sometimes mean focusing on tasks rather than entertaining distractions.

I also wish the problem were only external. I feel guilty when I try to keep good boundaries with others only to be a scattered mess inside my own head and not get anything done anyway. Feels like everyone loses then. All I can do is try to be faithful, but it seems like there could be a lot of opinions on just what that should look like.

Truth is, it's not that big of a deal at all. I think I just miss having my own office and being able to screen interruptions. And if that's one of my toughest problems at work, I'm sittin' in buttah.
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I'm sittin' in buttah.

Where did this phrase come from? It's kinda nasty.
I picked it up from barlow_girl; it's less troublesome if you don't think about it too much. Otherwise, it's definitely more uncomfortable than any of my workplace quibbles.
Came from the old sitcom Wings; that was a good one. And no, don't think too hard about it at all. ;o]
It is probably a good thing I don't live there, because if I did, I'd probably interrupt you all the time.
Pride is a significant component of my problem—when I believe that I have a singular right not to be interrupted, I'm living in a dreamworld and it's clear who I believe should be on the throne of that world. Interruption is a pretty huge peeve of mine, so in that respect, I'm given the opportunity to die to myself regularly (an opportunity I often don't embrace).

That said, it's a constant challenge to remember what I'm doing and stay with any task (my job is an amalgamation of multiple positions, and the work is far from seamless). So when I'm extra busy, it's hard, because most of my work is time-sensitive and distractions mean backlogs.
Truthfully, this ties into what you said the other day about being covetous of your time, which I fully identify with. I do, on occasion, get wiggy when people ask more of me or expect more of me than I'm willing to give.