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Spread out

Coffee breaks before work are the best. If I had my way, I would work in coffee shops most or all of the time. How odd that I can be in a place full of people and not worry about interruptions, but I can be in an office with two other people and regularly distracted. That's the gig, though, and as long as I'm one man doing multiple jobs, that's the way it'll be. I'll just enjoy these brief respites for now.

A couple of welcome blasts from the past this week—a recommendation for a former student and an email from a dear college friend. Wish I were better at keeping some of my old ties active, and I'm glad to have the nudge. Sometimes I feel more spread out than I'd like, across years and miles. But really, I have treasures stashed all over the place if I'll take the time to dust them off and give them the treatment they deserve.
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my work (poetry and the like) has become more of a tame, tempered ilk. I'm hoping to be friended, again.

I'm also hoping for some kind of conversation in the near future.

You're always my friend, Padawan, and I've added you to my friends list, too. I'm not on AIM much these days (good for the sanity), but shoot me an email and we can write or talk on the phone sometime soon.

Oh, and "cheers" is an excellent expression—I enjoyed hearing people use it in London!
holy crap. that is one of the best bee gees songs ever.
I know! Though it's pretty damned hard to choose...
you got that right. they have oodles of classics, although i do like that one. just the fact that you voluntarily listen to the bee gees makes you that much cooler though!
"respites" = awe
oh my goodness! ... the BeeGees!
Treasures aren't always people; sometimes they're like this one.... ;-)

I agree, about cafes...

Though I actually like school a great deal, I'm taking three online classes this summer from my school so as to be able to work more...

aka so as to do the vast majority of work & studying in coffee shops :-). If only my hometown land of suburbia had more than Starbucks & Barnes and Noble cafes ubiquitous!