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Spread out

Coffee breaks before work are the best. If I had my way, I would work in coffee shops most or all of the time. How odd that I can be in a place full of people and not worry about interruptions, but I can be in an office with two other people and regularly distracted. That's the gig, though, and as long as I'm one man doing multiple jobs, that's the way it'll be. I'll just enjoy these brief respites for now.

A couple of welcome blasts from the past this week—a recommendation for a former student and an email from a dear college friend. Wish I were better at keeping some of my old ties active, and I'm glad to have the nudge. Sometimes I feel more spread out than I'd like, across years and miles. But really, I have treasures stashed all over the place if I'll take the time to dust them off and give them the treatment they deserve.
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