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Domestic days

Enjoying my Irwin's morning jump start. Plans for the day have been altered on account of rain (and, I suspect, overextension and exhaustion), so I find myself up and ready to go with the largely blank canvas of a day in front of me. That's a hard thing to complain about, especially considering that I get to spend time with barlow_girl later, and we have dinner with the Andrewses after that.

Did a bit of housekeeping yesterday—my living room alone took me most of the day. There has to be an easier way. Letting it go undone for so long is part of the problem, but the fact that it's such a pain in the ass is part of the cause of that. Nice cycle I have going. Since people manage bigger and messier homes, I'm sure it's doable; it just seems as if there's a secret no one is sharing with me. But I don't think it's inexperience that's to blame, because I had regular housecleaning chores growing up.

Whining aside, it feels good to have some of it done, and perhaps I'll tackle more of the place today. Baby steps.
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As far as upkeeing with the housekeeping, I find if
I do about 15 each day, stuff doesn't pile up.
"A place for everything and everything in its place."


me spilling the beans...