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A stop along the way

It's been a couple of months, but I finally have the chance to sit and write from Victrola once again. I'm in the midst of my standard pre-travel fog (in which I feel like a million things need doing, yet I can scarcely remember them all or come up with any order in which to do them) and came near Victrola to get my pre-flight haircut from my longtime barber. My iBook came along in my new Crumpler Hee-Goer bag, which arrived in yesterday's mail (just in time for my trip). How handy!

In what could be symptomatic of the aforementioned fog, found myself quite overwhelmed yesterday with some of the reading for officer training. It's heady stuff on sanctification that leads me to question what the warp and woof of the Christian life should look like. Some of my reaction is likely rooted in a desire to hold onto my old idols and sins; some of it (now that I've stepped back and have some perspective) is that, after a measured dose, the material is too disconnected from any real context of individual and community life to be especially helpful. Regardless, it seems like I'd do well to spend more time with it later.
Tags: life, theology, travel

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