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Time well spent

Though time seems pressed, I'm not sorry how I've been spending much of it. barlow_girl has now been living in Seattle for a month, and her presence has been nothing less than a joy. This week we had Community Group on Thursday (which was, once again, fun, rewarding, and rich), then dinner with the Riveras and Fosdals last night. Honestly, I was afraid I'd be too moody to enjoy the evening after blowing most of my day off on loose ends and logistics, but we had a really great time. Edwin and Veronica were amazing hosts, dinner was delicious, and conversation flowed easily.

Tonight we're having dinner at the Northlake Tavern & Pizza House (where I've gone with both ultimateswing and happy2beso), vegging for a bit, and possibly a visit to a Capitol Hill birthday party. Even if there don't seem to be enough hours in the day, there's no way I'd complain about spending hours like this.
Tags: amy, community group, friends
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