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Glimpsing Orion

Awoke at 04:11 today, without a reason in my awareness, but I knew I was ready to begin. I did take a bit of a nap after the shower and shave drill, so that should help. My sleep has been strange of late; the previous night I went to bed at 21:00.

As I left my apartment, I was greeted by a sky full of stars. This is a rare thing in urban Seattle; I hadn't been visited by Orion in some time. It was worth a pause to take in, and the yellow tabby from across the street took the opportunity to beg for affection at my feet, rolling on her back for the non-threatening stranger. I obliged.

Full day ahead, with a finance team meeting this evening (I've not attended one before). My tallest (known) hurdle of the day is to go home and change my channel and videotape between the end of the regular day and the meeting. How sweet is this life? I'm looking forward to Smallville.

Melissa recommended the new hazelnut coffeecake a week or so ago, and I'm just now getting around to trying it. Must remember to thank her.

Happy birthday to one of my newest LJ friends and comrade-in-arms in the wonderful world of church administration, thatpatti!

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