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Mind the gap

Feeling my wits about me a bit more this morning. God is using Lent and life in general to highlight the gap between who I'd like to be or believe I am and who I truly am. If my response to this is only something along the lines of "I need to do better," I am missing His point entirely.

The big deal, I'm realizing (freshly, perhaps, because this realization involves basic truths that are by no means new to me), is coming to stand in the very place where Jesus has accepted me. That's the vantage point from which I can begin to see the glorious expanse of His grace. If I don't see how He has come to me, where I truly am in my most unvarnished state, I'm missing the miracle of the gospel. Looking at Him from any other place lessens what I can see of Him and disconnects whatever I do see from my life and heart—from those places that desperately need His healing presence.

This is subtly but vitally different than that horrible catchphrase, "I'm just a sinner saved by grace." I'm not just anything at all. I am who He has declared me to be. He has the authority to do that, to trump and override everything that might otherwise be true about me. And He has done so. I'll not sell that short.
Tags: faith, grace, the gospel

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