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How to blow Lent

So far today I have:
  • Reset my alarm and slept in.
  • Skipped devotional time.
  • Left my bed unmade.
  • Bought coffee.
  • Bought lunch.
  • Had lunch at 16:00.
Evidently, I suck at this Lenten discipline stuff. Maybe my disciplines should be the opposite of what I truly hope to do, so that when I rebel, I succeed.

Also this morning, my iMac decided simply to turn off at random intervals. I think I've narrowed down the problem a bit, and it hasn't happened since, so I'll test more once I've gotten some more work done.

On the whole, today's still been good. Alone at the office all day and got plenty done. Spent some time at Caffé Vita with Nathan, which was a treat. Looking forward to training tonight as well.
Tags: discipline, friends, mac, struggle, work

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