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"...and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags..."

Before you can know you are at peace with God, you must not only be made sick of your original and actual sin, but you must be sick of your righteousness, of all your duties and performances. There must be a deep conviction before you can be brought out of your self-righteousness; it is the last idol taken out of your heart.

—George Whitfield


This probably goes for independence, too.

Ain't that the truth. God gets round to that idol eventually, too.

This really has nothing to do with the above entry, but I wanted to ask your opinion on something in dealing with my demo. Since it's a 3 song demo and not a full length album that we'll be selling, and we're on a limited budget, do you think going with a thermal full color print on disc would work just as well then going with the more expensive digital/silk-screen print? Or do you even know what I'm talking about? Just trying to get someone's opinion OUTSIDE of Nashville. :-D THANKS!
In Seattle, I'm not sure that would make a lot of difference, so I wouldn't tell anyone to worry about it very much. But I know Nashville has very different standards and norms, so I couldn't speak to how that might impact your decision.

Exciting stuff!