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Birthday in review

Yesterday was an outstanding birthday. Been just a touch under the weather all week, but that didn't get in the way of really enjoying the day. barlow_girl and I tried a truly sucktacular restaurant (in the former location of Stella's in the U District—it was so unremarkable that I don't even remember its name), then saw The Pink Panther. Great, light, funny movie. That's all secondary to the simple joy of being able to spend this birthday with her.

My birthday gift to myself was a RAM upgrade for my iBook. Now, I've long known that nothing helps a Mac more than additional memory, but wow, am I ever enjoying the boost! Things that used to make my system drag now zip along without a hitch.

My home is a bit of a mess, and I'm usually too tired and/or unmotivated to clean much. Things are relatively picked up and better-than-average condition for a bachelor, but I know there's a ways to go for things to really be clean (my mother's voice in my head keeps reminding me). The magnitude of the task, even in my relatively small apartment, staggers me a bit and keeps me from getting started. Semi-seriously toying with the idea of hiring a housekeeper to get it in shape, then trying to establish a routine to keep up afterward. Don't really want to lay out the money on the one hand, but I need to also consider what my time is worth and how much of it this would take. Ambivalence is the order of the day.
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