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At Canterbury before staff meeting, doing shots of Crown with my favorite drink slinger, Seana. dondlion is a prophet.

Staff meeting makes me happy, and the day has left me satisfied already. Worked a full, productive day, with a Mexican lunch in the middle. I felt slackerly last week, so getting things knocked out was most redemptive.

Since I get the mail, I now may have the most dangerous job in the office. Hazard pay? Actually, one of my aspiriations is to be consistently ready to die. Not a death wish (though I've been known to have one), but peace about the life I have and the life I'll keep having, come what may.

Crown is good. Staff is going to be good. I'm basking a bit.



Dondlion is a bounder and n'er-do-well. But he has him one fine time.

Re: Naw

And he might make it look good, I suspect.