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Seattle fog

Love me some Presidents...

Evidently my entry from this morning was so delicious that my computer couldn't resist eating it whole.

That said, it's hard to dampen my mood today. Wasn't sure whether I'd take the holiday today, but when John said, "See you Tuesday!" upon leaving church yesterday, that was all the encouragement I needed.

Another great weekend. This could be a trend. Stayed in with barlow_girl and watched The Whole Nine Yards Friday night, then we tried a crowded-but-yummy, new-to-me pizza place, Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria, on Saturday. Work and worship yesterday, followed by Grace On Tap at The Hopvine. In all of this, the best part is simply being able to be together like a normal couple. I love spending time with her, and I love that we can be unhurried.

Grayer than it's been in a while, but still plenty chilly. No diaconate training or Community Group this week, so I am in the unusual position of having no evening commitments this week. Stunning.

Think I'll go enjoy the day off. This will probably involve extensive use of my couch.
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Think I'll go enjoy the day off. This will probably involve extensive use of my couch

That sounds like a great day!
It's none too shabby!
I have no words . . . just involuntary bodily responses.
Glad to have your support.
En total.
Your life sounds perfect! Have you ever read Holiness by J.C. Ryle?
It's a very good life. I haven't read Holiness...recommended?
I'll let you know about the book. I'm just starting it and find it one to ponder. It seems up your alley. Insightful and humble.

You DO remember when I brought this up years ago...right? You two? I must get credit for this.
I'll file with the Department of Internet Matchmaking Credit (and Subsequent Responsibility) right away.
You and Amy need to visit the Eastside sometime. (-: I know a little coffee place I think you two would like.
We'd love that! Send info sometime and we'll make it happen.
The place is Victor Celtic Coffee Co. in downtown Redmond. Let me know when a good evening/afternoon would be and we'll do it.
it WAS great. :D

and? i find it amusing that we're like a normal couple. ;o]
Well, we're cooler than a normal couple.
Mmhhm. That. ;o]
Happy birthday, old chap!
Thank you, my steadfast friend. It's been a good one.
I'm so happy to hear about you & Amy! God makes all things beautiful in His time, and it's been wonderful to watch His work in you. :D