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What weekends should look like

Taking afternoon tea at Teahouse Kuan Yin with barlow_girl. Last night we stayed in with a pizza from Pagliacci and Raising Arizona on DVD. This morning was brunch at the Blue Star Cafe & Pub, and we're continuing our laziness here. I'm already feeling completely spoiled.
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Sounds brilliant! I guess you guys don't wish I were there. But I might be free later.
You'd definitely be very welcome with us. You're good company.
Calling my bluff, eh? Well, actually, I am waiting for a phone call from my nieces, but if I'm ever in your neighborhood I'm stopping in for a pint or something. I have to keep you going, you know.
I want to have you guys over for dinner! Would that be OK?
That would be so fun! We'd already been talking about inviting you over for dinner, so you beat us to the punch...
Good deal - let's get it on the calendar in the next few weeks when she's settled in. :D
I love the Blue Star! Two of my friends tend bar there. :)
Great food!
The last time I saw Raising Arizona was before my gene for odd flicks had kicked in. Did you like it?
It's an old favorite of mine.
I remember feeling fidgety the entire time I was watching it, but this was back in like High School or something. I would probably like it now.
Sounds like a wonderful weekend. :o]

And sometimes being spoiled is fun.
This is definitely one of those times.