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barlow_girl arrives in Seattle in a couple of hours. And her ticket was one-way.


Uh-oh, I pity her trip through the security gauntlet.... Err, I mean, YAY! Amy's coming to Seattle to stay!
My experience with security outbound from her area last year took about 3.5 minutes, so I'm hoping it went equally smoothly for her.
You weren't a one-way traveler, however. That's what I was refering to.

Oh man, leaving Orlando for Indy last month took about 35 minutes in line for security! But Indy to Orlando was less than one minute.

I hope it was smooth for her as well. Some of my friends, if they'd heard the original comment, would rebuke me with a hearty, "Don't speak it, Bonni, don't even speak it!" (Christian version of "knock on wood.")
I'm glad I've never heard that phrase. Do people think there's anything Christian about it, or just one of those things they happen to say?

You were a one-way traveler to Indy but not from Indy? I'm completely confused...
What? I'm confused too.
oooh! :) exciting!!! Hopefully I shall be coming in the Summer.
That would be sweet!

I'm excited for BOTH of y'all!!
Thank you! She also has an amazing place to live while she's here. God's very good to both of us.
I heard that it was a cool house! The whole thing is just way cool.

Yes, God is very good. And it's exciting to see the blessings He's giving to both of you!

PS - like the journal being back to this way - comments are easier to read. :)
The journal style may not stay; the fine, fine folks at LJ screwed up my other style this week with another of their obviously well-thought-out "upgrades." If they fix it, I may switch again...


hooray! Another one 'converted' to Seattle! :)
Ya know...maybe at some point...I need to make good on my promise to send my world-famous (ha) devil's food chocolate chip cookies. Especially if there are now TWO people to share them!! I'm happy for ya! :)
Two good peoples finding one another almost gives me faith in this relationship stuff.

Many, many blessings, sir (and ma'am, if you read this off your own LJ)


:D That's great!