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Multiple personalities

Of the 119 people I currently have listed as LiveJournal friends, at least 39 have (or have had) multiple journals (this does not include username changes).


Me! I have one!!
You too?!?


I don't think I have multiple personalities, per sé...
Why no! I most certainly--er--he most certainly does not!
Me! I have one...I don't know if you counted me!
I have a writing journal...and a book journal.
What is this fad?
I didn't know until now about yours.
Wow ... and I have trouble thinking of things to say on just this one! Maybe I need to find a more exciting life.
Or two!
I admit it, I have two journals, and have you friended on both.
One is my public journal, the other is more anonymous for things I just want to put down outside my head and also for poems.
It's like LJ anonymous around here...
Me, too...IF a school journal can be counted.
This I did not know!
Communities don't count?
Umm, did you want me to confess here? I'd rather plead "no comment."
That's allowed. I know what I know.

(Speaking of, what happened to your entry from this morning? ;))
My first thought? "What a bunch of losers".

My second thought? "Wait - I have two journals."
Which means you successfully have a split personality about having a split personality.
i'm so boring. i just have the one. *sigh*
Me too. Maybe it's because we're LJ veterans.
Guilty as charged.
I have like... five! Or SIX!
I've noticed that with my own friends.
Love the icon!