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Lord Cruise vs. The Oprah

Jesus mail!

Sometimes I hate the things that come in the mail at the office. Today's case-in-point, from a promotional mailing from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment:
The Passion of the Christ Collectable Package
Available only at Christian retailers, this item includes a collectable package, DVD, pocket cross, and witness card.
Come quickly, Lord Jesus. And have mercy.



However...that link led to a movie called the visitation that looks kinda neat. Based off a book by Frank Peretti, who I've wanted to read for some time now.

And it stars Randy Travis!? Holy crap, so cool!!!
Totally. Makes me wonder if they've given a thought to the film at all—I can't imagine wanting a pocket cross, witness card, and collectible tin after viewing it. Makes about as much sense as a Schindler's List gift set with commemorative stationery.
Oh no.

I bet whoever thought of that idea is missing one of their internal organs.
I heard somewhere that you can't trust those people.
Totally can't.
sounds like something my uncle would buy in a second.

There was a time I might have been fished in, too. So heinous.
I can't believe Fox is selling "church resources".
I always thought that it was my "scottish-ness" that makes me want to throw up when I see things like that. Clearly not, I'm so glad it's a reaction found across the globe. :)