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Boneheadedness, Seattle style

Haven't even written a journal entry in February—crazy. The wireless signal I usually piggyback on here at Irwin's is absent, likely a victim of wind and weather. Not a fan of windy rain, by the way, because of the way it flips my umbrella inside-out. The moment-to-moment struggle pisses me off.

Ah, we have signal (for the moment). Excellent.

Applying for my passport yesterday brought out the beast in me. The place, a "Neighborhood Service Center," was cramped, with no discernible line or organization. Took up a position next to a well-groomed, too-uptight looking young man. When he failed to move as people were served at the window, I asked if he was in fact in line. "The line is kind of circular," he replied, implying some kind of invisible, nonsensical system, "and I believe you're behind those young ladies," referring to three elderly women who had been blocking the entryway when I came in with the unhurried, noisy confusion only of which only the elderly are capable. "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought they were still filling out their forms," I responded, because any idiot (except this one, apparently) could see that they were—and if they couldn't see it, they could certainly hear it.

The young gentleman's idiocy was soon borne out when it came his turn in "line" and he was sent packing because his form should have simply been mailed. Moron. Thankfully, my visit concluded soon afterward. Welcome to Seattle, where we're too non-conformist to form a straight line and so over-collaborative that no one can fill out a simple form without making it some kind of damned group project.
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