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Resurrected technology

My iBook's hard drive wigged out yesterday and refused to boot or even be recognized, opting instead to emit a high-pitched whine akin to a Toyota with a bad transmission. Today it's back in business, keeping its own counsel on the cause and cure of yesterday's tantrum. Not that I care, it's just that A) I don't want it to happen again, and 2) I certainly don't want to have to pay for repairs. Here's hoping.


Did you know that lajea says that all the time? "Wigged out." It's like y'all are part of some exclusive club, or something. :-)
I say "crazy fun" and "super fun" all the time, too. Or not.
Yay! iBooks make me happy--though I regret its recent consternation.

But congratulations for the approaching presence of barlowgirl :-). God has done great things, yes?
Back it up now. Believe me you wanna do it. Odd sounds from an HD are a bad bad indicator.

I'm dumping the data to the office iMac via Firewire mode. Thankfully, I don't keep much personal data on the iBook (I do email via Gmail, etc.), but a backup is always preferred.
Good man.