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Tunnel vision

Sometimes, even when things aren't unusually busy, I get in modes where I'm just doing my thing and not moved to reflect or write. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it gets frustrating after a while and I'm thankful when I finally switch gears again—I feel more awake, more whole. It's good to be back.

Watched Gattaca again last night. That film is darn near flawless (which is appropriate).

Thinking more about relationships lately. Left to my own devices and going with the flow, I'm not that great at their care and maintenance. Though it may seem somehow inauthentic on the surface, it's important for me to be intentional and deliberate about making spaces for relationships and which ones to cultivate in those spaces (yes, there are a lot of hip buzzwords and phrases in this sentence, but I think I mean all of them). Particularly in light of barlow_girl's upcoming move to Seattle (hooray!), it's fun to think about. Who will we want to spend time with regularly? Who will we want to have over for dinner? Who will we want to get to know better? I'm looking forward to making some choices and discoveries with her.

There are many aspects of life that become lighter without "I" being at the center of them. She helps me look up, and when I do, there's so much to see.
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