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An open letter to LiveJournal

Dear LiveJournal Boneheads Admins:

Please stop screwing around with my ability to stay logged in because you are "upgrading" for my "security." I'm especially not fond of half of my login options being limited as follows:
At this time, many users of IE 5 for Mac OS 9 [check, on my home desktop] are reporting being unable to remain logged in. The situation has been reported to developers for further investigation. In the meantime, you may wish to use a different browser to access LiveJournal [not really another good option in OS 9, Sparky]. This issue is also affecting users browsiing [learn to spell or spellcheck—not challenging!] with sidekick [check] & other mobile devices
Seriously, kids—it's LiveJournal. "Compromised security" can't be used to conduct a hostile takeover or commit terrorist acts. Simmer down and leave it alone until you're sure you have it right. thankssomuch.
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