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Seattle fog

A report from Busyworld

In my thoughts, I am regularly very, very mean to people—people I know, strangers, whomever. Nearly everyone is a moron, or batshit crazy, or both. It's so bad that I scare myself. Needs to change.

Despite that and the usual busyness, life is very, very sweet. barlow_girl was here this weekend on another interview; God willing, she'll be moving here soon. As usual, we had a great time, and as usual, I am missing her.
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That thing about your thoughts? I am right with you on that. I HAVE to stop!

That is such exciting news! I was thinking about you guys yesterday - I forgot what made me start - but I was thinking about your wedding and how I'd crash it if I lived in WA. I mean, I am assuming you'll marry. Ignore me if necessary.

you are so funny j
i was thinking the same thing...well about marriage...not crashing...

but you said it hehehe
Ignore? YOU?
Wwwwwwwwedding? Did I hear something over there, Ms. Pribyl? ;-)
Well I don't know! But wouldn't it be fun?
i am smiling for you

i love reading your posts
and this one especially made me happy...for you...not just for what you add to my days
Thank you—I'm pretty happy, too!
O ften comment to my friends that in many cases, the first thing that runs trhough my head when confronted with any given situation tends to be really pretty devient.

Like, I'll be walking along the street, and there will be a guy walking towards me. All of a sudden I'll envision myself, like, clotheslining the poor fella, and think "boy, he sure wouldn't expect THAT on his Sunday stroll!"

Or I'll be pulling into a parking spot right in front of a storefront. You know, the all glass ones? And I'll think "Huh. I could just gun it".

So, I'm sure my subconscious is more devient than your subconscious, friend.

My subconscious killed a man just to watch him die.
It'd only be REALLY devient, though, if your mama told you "son, always be a good boy, and don't ever play with guns".
I am so glad you got that.
I take it you're also jealous of people on trains with big cigars?
Sorry... that was a dork moment.

Oh, and congrats on the lady-moving and such! I don't know Ms Barlow_Girl, but from all I've read through comments over here on Sir Chippa's page, she's wicked smart and nice and good. Much like yourself. YAY YOU GUYS!
Thanks, my friend...I'm terribly excited!
:D YAY!!
Never better said!
Woo hoo! :D