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Special delivery

The half-day of work I'd hoped for turned into a full day—full of computer frustrations. I hate PCs. Haven't eaten since breakfast, because I kept thinking I was almost done. The bills barely made it into the mailbox on time, and I may need to go back and fix Michael's paycheck because of tax stuff. Then I had to run supplies over to the church building, so by the time I was walking the half-mile home from my bus stop in the dark and rain, my mood was pretty sour (though thankful to have gotten things done).

So what to my wondering eyes did appear in my mailbox but an unexpected package from barlow_girl! Inside was a book, an Auburn hat (it fits!), a sweet card, and bubble wrap with the big bubbles (awesome stress reliever). She has a knack of being able to make my day, even across the miles, and even when I don't know how much I need it.
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