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Delurk freely and unafraid

Heard from some friends that this is Delurking Week. I always find out about these things at the last minute.

Anyway, if you're a LiveJournalist who reads but doesn't have me listed as a friend, or doesn't comment often, or if you read from somewhere outside the tiny world of LiveJournal, it's time to come clean, say hello, tell me who you are and why in the world you read this journal. You cannot resist the power of Delurking Week...


Hello! I am Bonni, and I read your journal religiously ... but don't comment often. It's kind of like reading a devotional book. You know me. :-)
i guess i qualify as a lurker since i don't comment very often. so hello. as long as you keep writing, i'll keep reading :)
i am still here....

testing, testing

Okay, I've lurked for about a year, but not on purpose!! Am I back on? One, two, three?

Re: testing, testing

You are! Now, try replying to this comment (I'm doing the last tweaks and need to test).

Re: testing, testing

La la la Peeeeeeeople, who need peeeeeeeeeeeeeople, and I'm not a luuuuuuuuuuuurker anymooooooooooooore etc etc

Re: testing, testing

Yay! Welcome back to the land of being able to comment!

Re: testing, testing

Hello, out there in Banzai Land. :D