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Just like old times

It's been ages since I journalled from Victrola—I now visit only once a week on average, and that's usually before work on Sunday, when the wireless is off even if I did bother to lug my iBook along. So it's good to be back. taci is in town and meeting me here at 9:00, just like old times.

Like old times but better, at least from where I sit. My life is deeply good right now, with the standard ups and downs, chock full of blessing and largely free of needless drama. There's lots of freedom in that, and my responsibilities are mostly connected to things I love and believe in. Last week's visit from barlow_girl really struck home how good I have it: wonderful girlfriend, great friends and community, good work, a loving family, a life with purpose, and an Abba who loves me beyond imagining. Goodness isn't as easy to see in every season, so it would be foolish for me not to appreciate it when it is so very evident.
Tags: amy, family, friends, life, work

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